Trim Your Baby's Nails the No-Drama Way!

It’s scary to trim your baby’s nails for the first time!

Newborns love to keep their hands up by their face, so if you don’t trim their nails regularly, they can easily scratch themselves.

It doesn’t help that babies’ nails grow at an alarmingly fast pace!

Before I had my son, Jack, I was terrified of trimming his nails. I’d heard horror stories from parents everywhere who had accidentally nipped their baby’s fingers.


So while I was still pregnant, I did some product research. A lot of it, actually, because I was terrified of making my baby bleed!

Trim Your Baby's Nails the No-Drama Way!

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Trim Your Baby’s Nails: No Drama Necessary

Eventually, I stumbled upon baby nail scissors, but not just any baby nail scissors—safety baby nail scissors!

I immediately bought a pair because of the raving reviews.

And I discovered that they are indeed magical.

They totally took the fear out of trimming his nails.

Thanks to these scissors, I never once cut Jack’s fingers or toes and made him bleed—and he’s 2 years old now. (They’re still working great, by the way!)

During his newborn days, I would trim his nails while he was fast asleep.

Once he got a little older, I’d either trim them while he was nursing, try to distract him, or simply do a few nails at a time. Infants can be pretty wiggly and impatient!

Now that he’s two, he doesn’t mind having his nails trimmed one bit. In fact, he sometimes asks me to trim them!

Trim Your Baby's Nails the No-Drama Way!

The Best Baby Safety Nail Scissors

I use the Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors. They’re easy to hold and maneuver. The scissors cut nicely, yet barely feel sharp, and have rounded tips.

Plus, the price is fantastic!

When using the scissors, trim your baby’s nails in a slight curve along the nail edge to avoid any sharp corners. If need be, you can easily trim sharp or rough edges afterward.

Good lighting definitely helps.

This may seem like a silly post to write, raving about the magic of baby safety nail scissors and all, but they’ve been an awesome tool to have on hand!

In fact, they could easily have claimed a spot in my list of newborn must-haves!

I’m grateful to have found them, so I wanted to share this info with you mamas out there. Because every mom can use all the help she can get, right?

You will not regret having a pair of these on hand!

Have you ever tried to trim your baby’s nails using safety baby nail scissors?