hi, friend!

I’m Lauren, wife to my best friend, Benj, and mama to our two little boys, Jack and Oliver. We do life together in the cottage we built in 2020, and are working toward debt-free home ownership.

I love talking about strategy in motherhood and sharing ways we can make our homes more vibrant, productive, and peaceful places to grow!

My goal is for our home to be a haven of rest where Christ is at the center, and where love abounds.

For many years, I struggled with a mysterious, debilitating chronic illness. It was miserable at times, but it pushed me to learn how to use my time and energy to the fullest. I realized that I had to be creative and strategic in order to thrive. Sometimes, I failed. But through each failure and struggle, I learned something new.

I learned how to live simply and intentionally, which made life more restful and fulfilling.

I learned how to weave rhythms and routines into my days, which gave me the flexible structure I needed to have with young children.

I learned how to be a more strategic homemaker, which gave me time to pursue my hobbies—and add more fun into our family life!

Essentially, I had to learn how to work smarter, not harder, if I wanted to have the home I’d always dreamed of.

Feeling burdened and overwhelmed in motherhood is common, and it’s a difficult cycle to break out of! I should know—I’ve been there many times myself and have talked with so many other women about the struggle for joy. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees when we’re in the thick of it!

But thriving in motherhood is possible. Joy is possible! I want Penny for Your Dreams to be a place where you find ideas, encouragement, and advice to inspire you on your motherhood journey, and I hope you always come away feeling uplifted.

i’m happy you’re here!

Pour yourself a cup of tea and stay a while! I love making new friends, and I have a feeling we have a lot in common.  : )

If you want to connect on Instagram, send me a message and I’ll get back with you: @pennyforyourdreams

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