10 Newborn Must-Haves for An Easier Transition

Learning to live on precious little sleep during the early newborn days can make you feel like you’re going a little crazy. Anything that makes your life easier and helps preserve your sanity—like these newborn must-haves—becomes highly valuable!

Ask me how I know.

My first month of parenthood has been truly magical. Snuggling and getting to know the little person who had been growing inside me for the better part of a year has been nothing short of incredible!

I wouldn’t trade these precious early days for anything. However, they have certainly not been without their challenges, sleepless nights, and tears.

Any given day (or hour, for that matter) can range from sweet and special to confusing and frustrating. We’re learning and growing with Jack, and starting to adapt to life as a family of three. Newborns develop so quickly, and it’s hard to keep up sometimes.

There are a few things I’m so thankful we didn’t have to live without, so today I’m sharing my 1 month newborn must-haves with you!

I spent a lot of time researching products and reading reviews while I was pregnant. It really paid off. Plus, getting recommendations and advice from fellow mommy friends has been invaluable!

10 Newborn Must-Haves for an Easier Transition

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1. Wubbanub Pacifier

Besides being ridiculously adorable, Wubbanub pacifiers are also really practical. We almost never lose Jack’s Reindeer Wubbanub.

At 6 weeks old, he’s now starting to grab onto the little stuffed reindeer while he sucks on the pacifier. Granted, it may be the most expensive pacifier you’ll ever buy, but it will likely keep you from needing to purchase a dozen regular pacifiers!

We chose the limited edition Reindeer for Jack, and then we bought him a second one—the Tiny Fox. There are so many adorable options; the Little Lamb, Little Mouse, and Baby Penguin are few of my other favorites.

Everyone comments on how cute Jack’s Wubbanub is, so I think I’ve found the perfect standby baby shower gift!

2. OXO Wipes Dispenser

A wipe dispenser may seem funny to add, but the push open and close lid and weighted plate make grabbing wipes one-handed so easy and quick! It saves me time, keeps the wipes fresh, and takes away the hassle of dealing with packaging.

Plus, when your newborn is upset about being changed, and you’re trying to make the switch as quickly as possible, it really comes in handy! 

3. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Initially, I wasn’t sure I even wanted a diaper pail, but again, the convenience and time saved have been so valuable. You simply step on the foot pedal and drop the diaper through the trap door. It does a great job of hiding odors.

I ended up with this particular pail because it is able to accommodate both disposable and cloth diapers (as long as you have the liners for each)! Plus, I think it looks pretty attractive in the nursery (if it’s possible for a diaper pail to be attractive).

4. Red Lightbulb

You may be wondering why on earth I’d add a red lightbulb to the list, but the dim, red light has made our nighttime feedings and diaper changes go more smoothly.

It helps us all to get back to sleep more quickly, and every minute counts! Red light is great for maintaining night vision. It doesn’t interfere with your melatonin as much as blue or white light.

I’ll admit, the first few times we used the red light it looked a little creepy. We soon got used to it, though, and wouldn’t want to be without it now!

5. Angelcare Bath Support

There are several good baby bath support options that are designed for sinks, but we really like the Angelcare Bath Support because it’s made to be used in the bathtub.

It’s a nice, compact size- especially considering how large baby bathtubs can be! It is very well-designed and dries quickly. The mesh material is actually quite soft and gentle on baby’s skin, even though it looks more like hard plastic in the product image!

Jack really enjoys bath time, largely because I think he feels safe and comfortable while we bathe him. His first couple of baths took place with me holding him in the water to help transition him to bath time, but the rest have been in the Angelcare.

We love it, and it’s hard to beat the price, so it definitely makes our newborn must-haves list.

6. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing

This is at the top of my newborn must-haves list! I’m not sure we would have made it this far without a swing!

Jack loves his Snugabunny swing, and usually naps for 2-4 hour stretches in it. While it’s not the best place for him to sleep at night, there have been times when it’s the only place he would sleep.

And when mama and daddy are already sleep deprived and having another rough night with a fussy baby, they do what’s needed to make it through. It’s worth its weight in gold, in my opinion- and that’s saying something because it’s awfully heavy!

The only downside we’ve experienced is the size. Jack really likes looking up at the mirror and plush birds while he swings, and also loves the music and nature sounds (which, by the way, are not obnoxious).

Swings can be expensive, so I’d recommend checking consignment stores, Craigslist, garage sales, etc. to find a good deal. We found ours for less than half price at a used sale!

7. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Bouncer

We also love our Snugabunny bouncer! Jack sits in it and watches us clean the kitchen, eat dinner, and do other tasks throughout the day.

It’s very portable and fairly easy to carry around the apartment. Jack loves the vibration setting and the nature sounds. The hanging plush birds have recently caught his attention. (He even tries talking to them while he stares, but ends up getting frustrated after a while because they don’t talk back!)

The Snugapuppy Bouncer is another cute option. You should be able to find a used bouncer in nice condition at a good price.

8. Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioned

I definitely can’t leave the Boppy pillow out of my newborn must-haves list—I’ve used it every day since Jack was born!

It makes nursing much more comfortable for both of us, and really helps my posture while I’m feeding him. It keeps my shoulders from slumping forward, and I think it’s especially helpful for newborns when they need extra support.

Plus, the Boppy has other uses for when baby is a little older, like propping, tummy time, and sitting, so we can keep using it as Jack grows.

I have the Boppy “Luxe” cover to go over mine, and I much prefer that material to the standard covers! I found a great deal on a barely used Boppy.

9. SwaddleMe Organic Swaddle

Jack has been a strong little guy since birth. We tried swaddling him in a muslin blanket, but he broke free.

I kept trying, made it tighter, and even tried different swaddling methods, but he would somehow always manage to wiggle his arms out!

Enter: the SwaddleMe swaddle. This makes swaddling super easy, and the velcro helps to keep it tight. Jack almost never manages to wriggle his arms free and sleeps more soundly because of it.

More sleep for mama, daddy, and baby? That’s a no brainer! We have two in case one gets dirty because we swaddle Jack every night.

10. White Noise App

Any white noise app will do. There are plenty of free ones to choose from! We opted to use our phones or iPad (in airplane mode) in lieu of purchasing a white noise machine.

White noise comforts babies during the newborn state. They’re used to listening to a similar sound in the womb, so it helps them sleep.

It definitely helps Jack when he’s upset. He also loves listening to the vacuum and the hairdryer!

10 Newborn Must-Haves for An Easier Transition

Whether you’re getting ready to have a baby (congrats!), or looking for a great gift for someone who is, I hope this list of newborn must-haves has been helpful.

Leave me a comment down below and let me know what your newborn must-haves are. I’d love to hear them!