Oh, fondue night! You’re my favorite.

Before Jack was born, Benj and I really didn’t schedule regular date nights. Instead, we just did pretty much everything together! Since the beginning of our relationship, simply being with one another- no matter what we were doing- has been fun for us. We even have fun grocery shopping together (okay, maybe we’re weird).

Once Jack arrived, however, we realized that we would have to be much more intentional about spending one-on-one time together. Bringing a baby grocery shopping, or anywhere else for that matter, completely changes things.

Our trips to the store shifted from leisurely browsing, to doing everything within our power to keep our little person happy! Child, please, please don’t scream so loudly that everyone in the entire store knows we’re here. Thanks.

Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-19Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-20As part of our year of intentionality, we are purposing to have weekly date nights- even if they have to happen at home with our little guy around! The point is to unplug from as many distractions as possible and to spend focused time with one another, connecting on a deeper level and strengthening our relationship.

A few months ago, on February 12th, we celebrated the two year anniversary of our engagement! We wanted to do something special, so we planned a fondue date night.

In my opinion, fondue is the perfect romantic meal. It makes you slow down and gives you more time to talk. Plus, it involves cheese and chocolate! How much better could it get?

Our fondue night went so well that I thought I’d share a little how-to guide for those of you who are interested in creating your own fondue date night.

How to Create a Romantic Fondue Night for Two

Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-9Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-12

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Step 1: Plan ahead.

Decide whether you’ll be having dinner, dessert, or both! Choose your fondue recipes and dipping options and shop accordingly.

Pinterest has a wealth of inspiration and recipes to help you on your way. You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you’d like.

For our dinner, we made a spinach artichoke cheese fondue, with steak, sourdough bread, baby potatoes, red grapes, cultured pickles, and Pink Lady apples for dipping.

For dessert, we made a dark chocolate fondue with strawberries, blueberries, Granny Smith apples, mandarin oranges, bacon, and salty potato chips for dipping.

Also, regular forks will work in a pinch, but I would highly recommend buying a set of fondue forks for the occasion. We received these fondue forks as a wedding gift and love them! One day, I would also love to own a fondue pot like this Cuisinart Fondue Maker, but for now we make do by rewarming our pots on the stove.

Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-10Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-15Step 2: Prep ahead of time.

Fondue night is also amazing because much of the food can be prepared ahead of time! Score.

Slice your bread, wash your fruits and vegetables, and chop what you can. Cover your bowls and refrigerate whatever needs to stay cold.

Preparing early takes stress away from your evening and helps it to feel more like a date.

Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-18Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-1 Step 3: Make it fancy.

Pull out the special wine glasses that rarely get used. Set the table with pretty plates and cloth napkins.

Little touches like these make the night feel fancier and even more special.

Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-2Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-3Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-7Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-6Step 4: Think about the mood.

Set the mood by dimming bright lights and lighting candles. Playing soft background music is another great idea. Jack Johnson is one of our favorite musicians to listen to on a laid back evening.

Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-13Step 5: Eliminate distractions.

Put your phones away in a drawer or turn them off for a few hours. Shut down the computer and turn off the tv.

Put your little ones to bed on the early side or give them a snack and a movie to enjoy. Jack did have to join us for part of our date night, but we just worked with it!

(Side Note… I realize that our children are not distractions, only that they can provide them. I mean, just look at that sweet face! ;)

Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-23Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-24Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-25Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-26Step 6: Slow down.

Once everything is ready, you’re finally ready to slow down. Take a deep breath and focus on what’s right in front of you. Be sure to listen to the person you love, to savor your meal, and to enjoy being together.

Be present and make the most of your evening!

Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-4  Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-8  Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-11Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-5Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-16Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-22Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-14Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-21Engagement Anniversary Fondue Night-17I hope you’ll give fondue night a try because it really is a wonderful date night. Benj and I had a blast in the kitchen fixing fondue together, and eating it was even better!

What is your favorite kind of fondue? I’d love to try peanut butter chocolate fondue next, but I’m open to suggestions!