Fall Bucket List for Families - FREE Printable Checklist!

Autumn is a season of intrinsic warmth. There may be a chill outside, but it makes cozy sweaters, crackling fires, bold flavors, and deep colors perfectly appealing. There are so many wonderful things to enjoy throughout the autumn season, so I created a fall bucket list for families to help us all make the most of it!

Autumn is eagerly anticipated in our home each year. Benj and I have built autumn traditions into our marriage from the beginning, and we love doing things like making apple cider, bringing home pumpkins from a pumpkin patch, and wandering through a corn maze.

There’s just so much to love about fall!

Invest in Family Experiences

As a family, we love investing in experiences over things. The memories will last long after the toys have been donated.

We’ve even started giving each other fewer gifts in exchange for meaningful experiences.

For instance, I gave Benj a 2-night getaway for his birthday last year instead of a wrapped gift. We got to spend some amazing quality time together and visited a beautiful location we’d never been to before.

We wouldn’t trade the memories from that birthday trip for anything!

Investing your time and (sometimes) money into fun experiences and activities will mean the world to your child! Even though Jack is only two-and-a-half, it’s obvious how much he loves the time we purposefully spend together as a family.

Simple activities like picking apples, baking together, picnicking, and visiting a pumpkin patch are incredible adventures to him. They light up his world! (Okay, they light up ours, too!)

Is it extra work to plan and pull off these little adventures? Absolutely! But it’s well worth the effort.

By pursuing experiences as a family, we’re showing Jack just how much we care about him—not because we’re doing something extraordinary, but because we’re spending quality time together.

Time spent together as a family is time well spent. We’ll never get these little years back, so let’s make the most of them!

Fall Bucket List for Families – FREE Printable!

The Fall Bucket List checklist includes lots of fun and frugal activities—plus some free spaces to write down your own family traditions and ideas!

After you download your Fall Bucket List, you can use it as a checklist to mark off the fall activities you do with your family.

If you want to turn your bucket list into a more tangible project that will last you for years to come, you can make this super easy $2 DIY project!

With this project, you’ll use your checklist to mark which fall family traditions you’re planning to start or continue.

$2 DIY Fall Bucket List | Fall Family Traditions - FREE Printable!

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