$2 DIY Fall Bucket List | Fall Family Traditions - FREE Printable!

Celebrating your favorite fall traditions every year as a family makes for a wonderfully memorable season. Today, I’m sharing a fall bucket list DIY idea that will make your autumn season extra fun!

A couple of years ago, I was looking for a way to keep track of the autumn traditions my husband and I had started. I wanted to make sure that we could fit in all of our favorite fall-time activities before the Christmas season started!

That particular year was also our son Jack’s first autumn. I wanted him to grow up looking forward to our family traditions every year!

So my husband and I sat down and brainstormed a list of our favorite fall traditions. Then, our super-simple fall bucket list DIY was born.

Every year, we bring out our fall bucket list with the autumn decor and start talking about our hopes for the upcoming season.

We’re counting down the days until fall officially begins, and we can’t wait to see how many things we can cross off our bucket list this year!

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Fall Bucket List DIY Supplies

If you visit your local Dollar Tree, you can create this DIY for just $2!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Fall Bucket List DIY Instructions

This might be the easiest DIY project you’ll ever make!

Step 1

If desired, wipe a small amount of stain onto your craft sticks with a foam brush. Don’t stain them too dark, or you’ll have trouble reading your writing. Let dry completely.

Step 2

On a sheet of paper, write down a list of your family’s fall traditions, as well as some new traditions you want to add to your bucket list.

You can also download this Fall Bucket List printable from my free resource library:

$2 DIY Fall Bucket List | Fall Family Traditions - FREE Printable!

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Check off the traditions you want to make up your bucket list. The checklist has 25 activities and ideas, and I left some blank spaces for you to write in your own traditions!

Step 3

Next, with your Sharpie, write one fall tradition onto each craft stick.

On the back of each stick, write down the past years you’ve done this tradition. If it’s a new tradition, leave the back blank for now.

$2 DIY Fall Bucket List | Fall Family Traditions - FREE Printable!

Step 4

Arrange your bucket list sticks in your mason jar or bucket. You could even use a bag of dried corn or beans to help them stay upright.

Decorate the jar with ribbon or raffia, if desired.

How to Use Your Fall Bucket List DIY

For the most part, we like to plan our fall activities ahead of time.

But sometimes—when we’re feeling adventurous—one of us closes our eyes and randomly chooses a stick! It’s especially fun when we let Jack pick one!

This variation is a lot of fun, and shakes up our tendency to plan everything ahead of time!

Once we’ve completed an activity and are ready to “check it off” our bucket list, we’ll simply write the year on the back of the stick and turn it upside down in the jar.

You’ll be able to use your bucket list year after year!

$2 DIY Fall Bucket List | Fall Family Traditions - FREE Printable!

Free Printable: Fall Bucket List Activities Checklist

Don’t forget to download your free printable fall checklist to start your very own fall bucket list!

Simply sign up below, download and print off your checklist, and check off your favorite activities before adding them to your fall bucket list DIY!

What is your FAVORITE thing to do in the fall?

$2 DIY Fall Bucket List | Fall Family Traditions - FREE Printable!