Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Decor | Farmhouse-Chic DIY Projects

I love creating seasonal DIY projects on the cheap, and this Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day decor was so fun and easy to put together!

When I was decluttering our home decor bins last summer, getting ready for our cross-country move, I donated most of our Valentine’s decor.

So this year, with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I knew I wanted to add a few romantic touches to our little space.

I also knew that I didn’t have much to spend since we’re trying to save every dollar we can for our impending home building project.

Dollar Tree saved the day (again)! 

One afternoon while Jack was napping, I drove to my closest Dollar Tree and wandered around for a while. (Don’t worry—Benj was working from home.)

Way too many items found their way into my cart, so I returned some of them to the shelves and drove home with a couple bags of fun supplies!

I was going for a romantic, farmhouse-chic vibe—a little farmhouse, a little shabby chic—and I think I was able to achieve it. I like to get a little more frilly with my decor when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

So here are two of the Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day decor projects I put together—I’m excited to share them with you!

Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day Decor

For a tutorial on how I put together these two super easy Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day Decor projects, you can watch this video! Instructions are also written below.

$4 Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangement

Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Decor | Farmhouse-Chic DIY Projects

This was so easy to make that I feel like I can barely call it a DIY project! All of the items used in this project were from Dollar Tree.

I wasn’t overly impressed with Dollar Tree’s floral selection when I went the other day, but I did spot these lovely peachy-pink peonies and had to bring them home! If you look hard, you can find nice florals at Dollar Tree, although the selection varies from season to season.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 round glass floral bowl
  • 1 package white marble accent stones
  • 2 peony stems
  • small piece of lace or ribbon (I used a piece off of a spool I found at Dollar Tree.)


  1. Fill the glass bowl halfway with the white stones.
  2. Fluff out the peony stems and slide the leaves upward. Fold over the thick bottom part of each peony stem a few times.
  3. Arrange the peonies inside the glass bowl, and play with the flowers until they look the way you want them to.
  4. Tie a bow around the top of the glass bowl.

And voila! It’s that simple.

Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Decor - Farmhouse Chic DIY Projects

$4 “Always & Forever” Sign: Farmhouse-Chic Valentine’s Day Decor

Again, all of these supplies came from Dollar Tree—except for the spray paint. I just used a little I already had on hand.

I wrote down some basic instructions below, but feel free to reference the video if you’re wanting more specifics.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Package of small, heart-shaped, white paper lace doilies
  • Bottle of matte Mod Podge
  • 8×10″ picture frame (The one I found was actually a little bigger than 8×10 because there was a small matting inside.)
  • “Always & Forever” gift bag (I found this one with the wedding and engagement gift bags!)
  • white or off-white spray paint
  • small paint brush (or your fingers!)

Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Decor - Farmhouse Chic DIY Projects


  1. Spray paint your picture frame and let it dry completely.
  2. Remove the handles from your gift bag. Place the picture frame over the gift bag mark the 4 corners with a pen. Cut out the gift bag to the appropriate size.
  3. Lay out 3 doilies over some empty spaces on your cut-out gift bag. Once you’re happy with their placement, apply Mod Podge. I like to first dab some underneath (on the bag) to help them stick. Then cover the doilies with a nice layer, wiping away any excess.
  4. Once the Mod Podge dries, cut the extra doily off the bag.
  5. Next, layer 3 more doilies over the ones adhered to your gift bag. Slide them down so that a layer of the Mod Podged doilies show underneath. Hold them in place and cut the extra doily off the bag.
  6. Take a little Mod Podge and paint a thin line on the edge of the bag—just enough to get the second layer of doilies to stick. Place the doily on top. You won’t paint over this layer so that some extra dimension and interest is created.
  7. Once the Mod Podge dries, layer the glass, gift bag, and backing into the frame.

Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Decor - Farmhouse Chic DIY Projects

I arranged both the framed decor and the floral arrangement on my nightstand next to our bed. It’s so nice having some soft, romantic decor for Valentine’s Day!

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