Easy Dollar Tree Valentine's Day DIY Decor IdeasIt’s easy to go all out on Valentine’s Day. Experts estimate that Americans will spend over $18 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day this year. Say what? Between the romantic cards, chocolate, jewelry, special dinners, and everything in between, it’s not hard to get carried away!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved celebrating Valentine’s Day. Even before Benj and I were together, I enjoyed decorating for it and celebrating the special people around me.

Of course, Valentine’s Day is a lot more fun now that Benj and I get to celebrate it together, and I love adding touches to our home that make it a bit more romantic and sweet.

Adding a newborn into the mix this year meant that I needed to keep things simple—and affordable!

Enter: Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day DIY decor.

Benj and I went shopping at our local Dollar Tree the other day and I had my eyes peeled for some cute decor. I can’t say that I was overly impressed with Dollar Tree’s selection this year, apart from the wooden signs (I bought one), gift bags, specialty cards (we picked one out for each other), and a few other odds and ends.

I prefer my Valentine’s Day decorations to have a touch of elegance. Most of what was available wasn’t my cup of tea, so I decided to create my own decor using Dollar Tree products. The result? Two ridiculously easy, super fast DIY projects!

Neither of these decor projects took more than 10-15 minutes to make. It only costs $4.50 to make the pair of candles, and less than $0.50 to make the doily table runner.

Valentine’s Day DIY Candle Supplies

For this project, you will need the following items from the Dollar Tree:

  • 2 jars of bath soak salts (I used white and pink; they also had purple)
  • 2 clear glass vases (there are several options to choose from, but I really liked the shape and size of these)
  • 1 pack of 4 votive candles
  • tablespoon measuring spoon (optional)


How To

1. Decide on how you want your layers to look. There’s no right or wrong way to do this- just decide on a pattern you like and go for it! If you want your vases to look the same, I recommend using a tablespoon to help you layer them evenly.

If you want each candle to look different, simply pouring the bath salts in works just fine. I ended up deciding to go with 2 different patterns, and I really like the way they look together.

You could even mix the pink and white colors together for a speckled look. I mixed some together in one of the lids and thought the effect was really pretty.

2. Once you’ve finished layering, nestle your votive candle into the bath salts.

And that’s all- it really is that quick and easy! 🙂

DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-2 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-3 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-4 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-5 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-6 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-7 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-8

Valentine’s Day DIY Lace Doily Table Runner Supplies

For this project, you will need the following items:

  • 1 pack 32 paper doilies (with multiple sizes) from Dollar Tree
  • double-sided adhesive squares


How To

1. Start by laying out the paper doilies on your table to create the size runner you want. This may take a few minutes; it’s a little like putting together a puzzle!

Don’t be afraid to move the doilies all around. It took me a few tries before the doily runner looked the way I wanted it to. I started out using 3 of the largest size, but only ended up using 1 in the end. Our table is small, so the smaller sizes worked better for me.

2. Once all of your doilies are in place, secure them together with your double-sided adhesive squares. I was able to tear them in half and use only 1/2 squares to join each place the doilies overlapped.

And you’re finished! 🙂 Adhering the doilies to each other allows you to remove your lace runner when you need to without having to rearrange the doilies later.DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-15DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-10 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-11 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-12 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-13 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-14I was able to arrange my candles and lace doily runner on our dining table using a few items I had on hand- a wooden tray, decorative kitchen towel, and a couple of silk flowers. I also found the “LOVE” decor you see below for just $1 at the Dollar Tree! They also had silver, red, and pink options.

DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-16 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-17 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-18 DIYDollarTreeValentinesDay-19All it takes is a little creativity to turn everyday items into affordable decor. I’d love to know if you end up trying either of these projects! They’re super easy to put together and definitely won’t break the bank. If you’re curious as to how I decorated for under $20 last Valentine’s Day, you can click here to see last year’s post.

How do you like to decorate for Valentine’s Day?