Dollar Tree Spring Decor | 4 Easy and Elegant DIY Projects

If you’re looking for quick and easy DIY Dollar Tree spring decor projects, this is the post for you! I love creating home decor from Dollar Tree. It allows me to change up my seasonal decorations without having to put out much money.

My favorite part of the process is walking into the store with no idea what I’ll be able to come up with, and walking out with a couple bags of goodies and lots of inspiration!

This spring season, I came up with 4 easy DIY ideas. I’m sharing photo tutorials of each project with you below. They’re all super simple, and—best of all—each one only costs a few dollars to make.

Happy crafting!

Dollar Tree Spring Decor

$4 Dollar Tree Easter DIY | Mini Egg Floral Arrangements

$4 Dollar Tree Easter Floral Arrangements

Bright and cheerful Dollar Tree floral arrangements with a subtle Easter twist!

(Follow the link above for the photo tutorial.)

$6 Dollar Tree Floral Arrangement | Dogwood Blossom DIY

$6 Dollar Tree Dogwood Blossom Floral Arrangement

This elegant, spring-inspired Dollar Tree floral arrangement uses a spray of long-stemmed Dogwood branches!

(Follow the link above for the photo tutorial.)

5 Minute Dollar Tree DIY | $4 Outdoor Tea Light Planter

$4 Dollar Tree Outdoor Tea Light Planter

This 5 minute Dollar Tree DIY is perfect for those beautiful spring and summer evenings!

(Follow the link above for the photo tutorial.)

4 Easy and Elegant DIY Projects

A Spray of Onion Grass

The last Dollar Tree spring decor DIY I have for you doesn’t even require a tutorial it’s so easy! Simply purchase a few bunches of onion grass from Dollar Tree and arrange them in a decorative pitcher or vase you have at home.

The grass adds a nice bit of greenery to your home, and also makes use of decor you already have on hand. Plus, this onion grass is a nice green shade. The color isn’t obviously fake or too bright.

4 Easy and Elegant DIY Projects4 Easy and Elegant DIY Projects

All it takes to create lovely decor on the cheap is some creativity and ingenuity. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when brainstorming ideas.

Use items in different ways than they were originally intended to be used (e.g. a candleholder for a vase). Most importantly, enjoy the journey and have fun!

Those are all of the easy Dollar Tree spring decor ideas I have for you today. Be sure to let me know which ones you try, and how your projects turn out!