$6 Dollar Tree Floral Arrangement | Dogwood Blossom DIY

Who knew you could make such an elegant Dollar Tree floral arrangement for only $6!

When I recently stumbled across these long-stemmed dogwood blossoms at my local Dollar Tree, I knew I had to pick some up! They’re a steal for just $1 each. Dollar Tree even had some other long-stemmed floral varieties to pick from.

I wandered the store, looking for inspiration for a springtime DIY project, and came up with this super easy, incredibly simple arrangement in addition to this $4 Dollar Tree Easter DIY!

The total cost was just $6, and the project took me only 10-15 minutes to put together! You can easily make this dogwood blossom arrangement yourself.

$6 Dollar Tree Floral Arrangement | Dogwood Blossom DIY

Dollar Tree Floral Arrangement Supplies

For this project, you will need the following supplies from Dollar Tree:

  • 1 glass hurricane vase
  • 1 bag multi-toned river rocks (or another variety, if you prefer)
  • 4 long-stemmed dogwood blossom branches

Cheap Springtime Dogwood Blossom DIYHow To

Step 1  – Empty the bag of river rocks into the hurricane vase. I cut a hole in the mesh bag, put the entire bag into the vase, and then gently shook the bag and wiggled the rocks out. This way, the chance of the glass scratching, chipping, or cracking was mostly eliminated.

Cheap Springtime Dogwood Blossom DIY Cheap Springtime Dogwood Blossom DIYStep 3  – Trim your branches with wire cutters, if desired, and start arranging them in the vase. You really don’t need to cut off much- maybe just an inch or three on a couple of the stems. I went for a bit of a sweeping, leaning look with mine.

$6 Dollar Tree Floral Arrangement | Dogwood Blossom DIYStep 3  – The key to making this Dollar Tree floral arrangement look polished is pulling apart the branches on each stem in all different directions. This helps with the overall fullness and creates an appealing shape.

$6 Dollar Tree Spring Arrangement | Dogwood Blossom DIY $6 Dollar Tree Floral Arrangement | Dogwood Blossom DIYStep 4  – Find a place to display your arrangement. And that’s it- you’re finished!

$6 Dollar Tree Floral Arrangement | Dogwood Blossom DIY

I especially love this arrangement because dogwood blossoms are one of my favorite flowers.

Their delicate blossoms are reminiscent of springtime and new beginnings, and while dogwood trees only bloom for a short while, they certainly provide a spectacular springtime show!

I hope this quick tutorial has inspired you to visit your local Dollar Tree to hunt for some of these lovely, long-stemmed branches! They’re so versatile and can easily add some springtime cheer to your home.

Let me know if you try this Dollar Tree floral arrangement DIY yourself!