10 Amazing Organic ALDI Products

ALDI is my secret weapon for staying in my grocery budget. If you’re lucky enough to have one nearby, you know just how much money you can save there! Buying organic ALDI products saves me so much money because I try to buy organic food as often as my budget allows.

At checkout, I frequently see the total of my groceries and think, “That’s it? I got so much food!”


ALDI’s weekly produce specials are especially amazing, and I get excited when they put organic food on sale.

Planning your meals for the week around whichever fruits and vegetables are in-season or on sale is a great money-saving tactic. In fact, I apply this simple strategy to all of the stores I shop at—not just ALDI!

For instance, ALDI has avocados on sale this week for just $.39 each, so we bought 12 green avocados and stuck them in the fridge to ripen slowly. That’s 12 avocados for $4.68! Can’t beat that with a stick.

Before we get to the list of organic ALDI products, I have 2 quick tips for you.

Best ALDI Tips

First, shop in the morning, as early as you can! The store looks completely differently than it does in the evening hours.

When I shop in the morning, the shelves are stocked and the produce boxes are full of the best-looking fruits and vegetables. In the evenings? Not so much.

Second, shop on the first day of the sale if you can. Our store’s flyer begins on Wednesday, so that’s when I shop.

I used to go on a different day of the week, but they would inevitably be out of at least one food on my list. Apparently, everyone else wanted the same deals! Go figure.

So I spoke with an employee who told me that shopping on the first day of the sale would increase the likelihood that I would find what I was looking for. The trucks have just been unloaded, and all of the shelves are well-stocked.

Now, when I follow those two tips, I never have a problem with produce being out of stock.

Alright, let’s hurry up and get to my 10 favorite organic ALDI products!

10 Amazing Organic ALDI Products

10 Amazing Organic ALDI Products

(Prices were taken from my Birmingham, AL store in April 2019, but they vary per store and region.)

1. Organic Bananas – $.59/lb.

ALDI’s price on organic bananas beats Costco’s! And you don’t have to buy 3 pounds at a time, which is awesome.

I love letting these ripen on the counter until they’re soft and sweet. Then I peel, halve, bag, and stick them into the freezer to use in smoothies! Yum.

2. Organic Baby Greens – $3.49/ 16 oz.

Again, ALDI’s price beats Costco’s! This is an incredible deal. I love using baby greens to make salads because it’s so fast—no washing or chopping necessary.

This Pioneer Woman Roasted Butternut Squash Salad recipe is our current favorite salad, and we’re eating it on repeat every couple of weeks! (I substitute pecans for the pine nuts as a more economical option, and leave off the cheese. Also, buy your butternut squash for the salad at ALDI—it’s only $.69/lb.)

We just cook up some chicken thighs in our Instant Pot—or pan-sear some pork chops in our cast iron skillet—to complete the meal, and voila! A simple, healthy, and satisfying weeknight dinner.

3. Organic Pink Lady Apples – $4.99/ 3 lb.

These apples are remarkably good! The sweet-tart flavor of Pink Lady apples makes them ideal for eating fresh, but they’re also a popular go-to baking apple.

Make sure you keep an eye out for sales on organic apples. This week, ALDI had 3-pound bags of organic Gala apples on sale for just $2.99! We bought two bags, but I know we’ll go back for more.

10 Amazing Organic ALDI Products

4. Kerrygold Grassfed Butter – $2.85/ 8 oz.

ALDI’s Kerrygold butter price rivals Costco’s! It costs only $.10 more per 8oz. block!

I typically buy grass-fed butter over organic because it’s higher in nutrients and tastes incredible (although organic grass-fed would be ideal).

So this one’s not exactly organic, but it’s close enough for me!

5. Organic Simply Nature Eggs – $3.49/ dozen

Our little family of 3 eats several dozen eggs every week! While we typically buy them from a local family farm, these eggs are a good standby when we run out early.

Sometimes, I see these on sale. This week, they’re $2.79!

6. Organic Grass-fed Hot Dogs – $3.99

I was pretty impressed by the taste and texture of these hot dogs! They’re ALDI’s Simply Nature brand, and they come in a package of 6. Definitely the best price on organic, grass-fed hot dogs I’ve seen!

We especially love bringing a couple packages with us when we go camping. They’re perfect for roasting over the fire on foraged sticks!

Hot dogs are a product I don’t feel comfortable buying unless they’re high-quality, like these, so it’s nice to have an affordable option.

7. Organic Whole Chickens $2.29/lb.

Roasting a whole chicken for dinner is about as easy as it gets, and I love the flavor of the organic chickens you can buy at ALDI.

If you opt for an all-natural chicken instead of an organic one—like their Never Any! brand—you’ll only pay $1.49/lb.

10 Amazing Organic ALDI Products

8. Organic Canned Diced Tomatoes – $1.75

ALDI has the best price I’ve seen on organic diced tomatoes! You do have to buy them in a double can, but it’s such a great deal.

I’m always using these in soups, stews, crockpot roasts, and Mexican and Italian dishes! I like to keep a spare on my shelf, just in case.

9. Organic Marinara Sauce – $2.19/ 25 oz.

Who doesn’t love having some extra jars of marinara sauce lying around for those easy dinner days?

I love that ALDI’s Simply Nature organic marinara sauce is only made out of tomatoes and spices! No sugars, vegetable oils, or preservatives—just the good stuff.

10. Organic Chicken and Beef Bone Broth – $2.99

ALDI’s Simply Nature organic chicken and beef bone broths are more expensive than their regular broths, but the flavor is more intense—and I assume the nutritional value is higher. ALDI’s price is half of many bone broths on the market right now.

Usually, I make my own chicken and beef stocks from scratch. But that’s not always practical, so these are a great backup to have on the shelf!

Share Your Favorite Organic ALDI Products

I hope this list of organic ALDI products helps you in your search for healthy, low-cost food for your family!

Be sure to share your favorite ALDI products down below! I love finding out about deals I never knew existed.

Also, if you have a Trader Joe’s near you, be sure to check out my 10 Best Organic Trader Joe’s Deals blog post. There are some amazing organic products on that list that have saved me so much money over the years!

10 Amazing Organic ALDI Products