Our Summer of Love | Welcome HomeIt’s hard to believe that over 4 months ago, Benj and I said our vows and began our new life together! Our wedding took place on the last day of spring, so the first full day of our marriage was also the first day of summer.

I thought it would be fun to play a little catch-up. We certainly experienced a beautiful Indian summer! The temperatures have only recently dropped, and it’s begun feeling much more like sweater weather.

Welcome Home

After our honeymoon, Benj and I arrived in Washington late on June 29th. The next day, I got to see our apartment for the first time!

We had looked at a few apartments during my spring visit, but the complex we ended up in wasn’t one of them. When this apartment became available shortly before our wedding, Benj talked the details over with me and then jumped on it. The housing market here is crazy right now!

I think he did a fantastic job picking it out, though we both agree that it certainly has its quirks! Our least favorite feature, is that it backs up to a fairly busy street. It’s definitely noisier than we’d prefer, especially during busier times of the day.

Otherwise, it’s been a sweet first place for us. We still have plenty to do in the way of decor, but it’s coming along slowly!

Settling In

We stayed with Benj’s parents for the first couple of nights until we were able to buy a box spring for our bed. That was the only furniture we had. We also had to wait for the mattress we’d ordered to arrive.

All of our wedding gifts had to be delivered from across the country. We only had a few of the household items Benj had collected over the years.

Thankfully, my sweet mother-in-law supplied us with everything we needed in the mean time! She sent us with everything from dishes and silverware, to a folding table and chairs and linens so that we could officially move in. We would have been in trouble otherwise!

Benj and I were only able to bring a few suitcases on the airplane from Alabama. They mainly contained my clothes and some personal belongings, so we had nearly none of the things we needed on a daily basis.

FirstDayattheApartment-7FirstDayattheApartment-8FirstDayattheApartment-9FirstDayattheApartment-10FirstDayattheApartment-12SecondDayattheApartment-1FirstDayattheApartment-4  SecondDayattheApartment-2 SecondDayattheApartment-5 SecondDayattheApartment-3SecondDayattheApartment-4

All of these first photos are from before Benj and I spent our first night at home. Looking at them has reminded me of how far we’ve come. We started out with pretty much nothing!

It’s been fun to shop, learn, and grow as a couple while we’ve slowly put together our first place. Our first married months hold a lot of special memories for us.