Life is made up of thousands of little moments.

As my belly grows, and as we anticipate the arrival of our baby this December, I’ve been thinking more about how little time Benj and I have left before there are three of us out in this big wide world!

We have 28 weeks before I’m due, and I don’t want to spend all of my time thinking about the future. I want to be present, saving up the little moments in my heart. I want to consciously be enjoying the special time we have while it’s just the two of us.

Saving Up the Little Moments

See that smile? And those flowers? I want to remember them just as they are today. While I’m certainly excitedly looking forward to what the future holds, I’m also loving everyday life with this guy. I want to cherish these days before babies.

Remembering the Little Moments

As much as possible, I want to continue documenting our life with my camera. I want to remember all of the ups and downs. The happy moments, the crazy days, and everything in between are what make up life as we know it.

I know I’ll love having these snippets of our life to look back on of when life was calmer and less complicated. It will be many years before it’s just the two of us again, and I’m glad we have these quiet days together.