27weekspregnantbw-1I can hardly believe we’re nearing the end of this summer! While I had hoped to be blogging more frequently, my life just hasn’t allowed for it this summer. My chronic illness is the main culprit, and many days it’s a struggle to simply function.

I always plan to jump back into blogging in full-swing when I feel like my health is on an upward trend, but my efforts always fall by the wayside when I begin feeling poorly again. Sometimes, it’s all I can do to keep up with the basics of life. Chronic illness is tough, to say the least.

As difficult as it can be for me to accept my limitations, I’m feeling contented with where the Lord has me. I’m trusting in His will for my life and believing that He truly does have a purpose in all of this!

That said, I will be attempting to blog as often as I’m able to this autumn. It may not be much, but I’ll try to update when I’m able.

Where Has the Summer Gone?

This summer seems to have flown by, and I can’t believe we have only 12 days before the official first day of autumn! I can hardly wait. Autumn is my favorite season!

Speaking of of changing seasons, I have only 3 days left before I enter the 3rd trimester! I know my pregnancy updates have been pretty scarce lately, but I actually never took any photos after 22 weeks until 26 weeks rolled around over our babymoon.

Looking back on my 22 week photo, I realize just how much I’ve grown- and just how much Jack’s grown! I already have pretty much no waist left. I’m so super short-waisted to begin with, and it’s definitely starting to feel a bit cramped around my ribcage. It makes me wonder how I’ll feel in 10+ weeks, but I suppose only time will tell…

Knitting for Baby

Lately, I’ve also been knitting for Jack! It’s special to be able to make things for him myself, and I have plans for a few hats, a blanket, and a sweater.

I’m still in the middle of his blanket, but I just finished his first little winter hat! I’m pretty happy with it, overall. It’s not perfect, but I’m just going to embrace the imperfections and remember that Jack probably won’t care.

The pattern can be found here, if you’re interested. I used Knit Pick’s Comfy Worsted Yarn in the color Hawk.

packingourfirstbox-1Packing the First Box

I mentioned in a pregnancy update that we will be moving into a 2 bedroom apartment on October 10th. That’s just 4 weeks from today!

This morning, I packed our first box. It contained all of the clothes, diapers, and other little things we’ve collected for Jack. We didn’t have room to store them anywhere else, so it was nice to get them all out of the way.

packingourfirstbox-7Here’s Jack’s pile, all ready to be packed up!

I ordered a trial box from The Honest Company because I’m wanting to try out their disposable diapers. We were given several Seventh Generation newborn disposables to try, which should last most of a day. I’m curious to compare the two.

(I do plan to try cloth diapering after the first few months, hence the adorable Bambino Mio diaper covers and wet bag on the right!)packingourfirstbox-3We were also given some newborn clothes, which was such a blessing! I might look for a few more newborn pieces used, just to have them on hand. Since we have no clue how big Jack will be when he’s born, I’m afraid to buy too many pieces in the newborn size in case he only fits them for a few weeks. If we do end up needing more once he’s here, we can always buy them then.

packingourfirstbox-5 packingourfirstbox-4 packingourfirstbox-2

Shopping for Jack

Benj and I went to a huge pop-up consignment sale several weeks ago and found Jack some really adorable 0-3 and 3-6 month winter clothes! I’m loving colors like ivory, grey, brown, beige, navy, forest green, and burgundy the most right now. I’m trying to stick to to a similar color palette so we don’t end up with too many pieces that are hard to mix and match.

(I am actually paring down my own clothes and trying to stick to that concept myself, along with switching to more of a capsule wardrobe concept.)


packingourfirstbox-9We received that little bottle in a store promo gift bag. I mainly plan to breastfeed, but I’m also planning to pump occasionally, so it will be nice to have a couple of different bottle styles in case Jack’s picky about which ones he likes.

packingourfirstbox-8 packingourfirstbox-10 packingourfirstbox-11packingourfirstbox-12

Everything just barely fit into the box Benj brought in for me.

packingourfirstbox-14I can’t wait to unpack this box next month! By then, we’ll be only 2 months away from meeting our little peanut.