Jack Everett is 1 Month Old - Newborn UpdateOur little Jack Everett is 1 month old! This first month with Jack has been quite the adventure, and Benj and I are so in love with him! He has been such a fun newborn to get to know and seems to have quite the personality.

As far as we can see, Jack has his daddy’s ears, eyes, long fingers, and big feet. He has his mama’s lips, nose, cheeks, and crazy baby hair (mine grew the same way). Jack is definitely a blend of both of us! I just love looking at him and seeing glimpses of each of us in his features. God’s handiwork is truly amazing!

Jack Everett is 1 Month Old - Newborn Update

Jack Everett is 1 Month Old - Newborn Update

Jack Everett is 1 Month Old - Newborn Update

Jack at 1 Month Old

Here are a few fun facts about Jack at 1 month…

  • He is constantly “talking” to us, and loves new faces and voices, so I have a feeling he’ll be a pretty social little guy.
  • He prefers vocalizing his displeasure in ways other than crying- but definitely does his fair share of that, too. 😉
  • He’s rarely still, unless he’s asleep.
  • He’s rarely quiet, unless he’s asleep. Oh, scratch that- he’s a crazy noisy sleeper. 😉
  • He started trying to hold his head up right after he was born, and has pretty good head control now!
  • Jack doesn’t particularly like tummy time, but can hold his head up and turn it from side to side.
  • Jack now prefers being upright in our arms, and he’s even starting to push up with his legs. He can mostly support his weight with my hands under his arms. He’s been strong since birth, though, so I’m not really surprised.
  • He’ll coo and smile back when we coo and smile at him.
  • He loves bright light, music, voices, and noise.
  • His favorite place to sleep is in the swing.
  • He usually sleeps 2-3 hour stretches at night, but is starting to sleep a little longer.
  • He had a perfect latch from birth, and has a great appetite (both of which Mama is incredibly grateful for)!
  • He’s still a pretty long string bean, but he’s definitely gaining some chub here and there, most noticeably in his belly and cheeks!
  • He finally graduated out of all of his newborn-sized clothes and is wearing 0-3 month outfits- most of which are still too big on him.
  • He weighs around 9.5 pounds.
  • He’s hitting quite a few of the 2 month milestones already! Sometimes I feel like I missed the snuggly, sleepy newborn stage because he’s never really been that way; he’s been a very awake, aware, alert baby from the start. Those sleepy newborn pictures I was hoping for? Yeah, they didn’t happen. 😉

Jack Everett is 1 Month Old - Newborn Update Jack Everett is 1 Month Old - Newborn Update  Jack Everett is 1 Month Old - Newborn Update    Jack Everett is 1 Month Old - Newborn Update Jack Everett is 1 Month Old - Newborn Update Jackis1monthold-11 Jackis1monthold-12

Snow Day

On Jack’s 1 month birthday, we woke up to a world blanketed in 8-9 inches of powdery snow! That’s a pretty rare occurrence for the area of Washington we live in, and it was the most snow I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, I was pretty excited! Benj had to work from home because of it, and that’s something we’re always happy about.Jackis1month-18

Jackis1month-8 Jackis1month-9 Jackis1month-10We love our “Jack” rabbit hat that Aunt Chelsea knitted for us!

After work was done for the day, all three of us bundled up and walked outside into the winter wonderland. Jack’s initial reaction to the cold was a scrunched up face and some protesting, but he soon fell asleep because he was already so tired out from our little photoshoot. 😉

What a way to spend your 1 month birthday!


Jackis1month-11 Jackis1month-12 Jackis1month-13 Jackis1month-14Jackis1month-6 Jackis1month-15Jackis1month-7 Jackis1month-16 Jackis1month-17 After we took a walk together, we put Jack inside to nap and built a snowman outside our back door. It was my very first snowman, and I had a blast helping Benj build him. I couldn’t get over how light snowballs are, and got a little carried away. (Benj might have gotten a couple of them all over his back…)

Jackis1month-19 Jackis1month-20 Jackis1month-21 Jackis1month-22And here he is, come to life thanks to 2 pennies, a mini sweet pepper, 2 dead basil branches, and a flowerpot filled with dirt and dead twigs! Mr. Gardiner was his name, and he was pretty cute, if I do say so myself. 😉

Jackis1month-23 Jackis1month-24 Jackis1month-25 Jackis1month-26Then, after we’d gone inside, more snow started falling.

Jackis1month-27Finally, a breathtaking sunset finished the special day off beautifully!



Benj said that hot chocolate was an important part of a snow day, so I whipped some up before dinner. And I realized he was right.

Happy 1 month birthday, darling Jack! We love you.