When Your Grey Skies Turn Blue

I’ll be honest. Until I moved out of Florida, I never understood why so many people really looked forward to spring. I mean, I understood it theoretically, but certainly not in the practical sense.

With springtime in Florida comes humid, muggy, thick air, which for me was almost unbearable. (Hello, air conditioning! You will be my best friend for the next 9 months.) There are definitely some beautiful days, too, but Florida weather is just not my personal favorite. Beach days in the summertime, excluded.

When Your Grey Skies Turn Blue

After my first winter in Alabama, I finally understood how welcome and beautiful springtime could be. Because I was so used to living in a sub-tropical climate with a green landscape year-round, the brown dormant and dead scenery took some getting used to. It seemed so sad, so empty, so forlorn.

Where was the green? Where was the life?

One day, spring finally began creeping in. Greens and pinks and began blooming and blossoming slowly at first. Then, new life seemed to be exploding everywhere I looked!

It felt like a magical fairyland to a girl who had never seen spring unfold. Winter thawed and spring was a most welcome guest.

When Your Grey Skies Turn Blue

Here in Washington, I’ve been looking forward to spring unfolding even more than I did in Alabama. Grey skies and rain have been so predominant that I’m starting to forget what warm, sunshiny days feel like. We’ve had a few bright days here and there, but not enough for it to feel like spring has actually arrived!


All the thinking I’ve been doing about winter transitioning into spring reminds me of how God often uses a similar pattern in our lives to draw us closer to Himself. In times of “winter”, God brings struggles and trials into our lives that bring us to our knees and deepen our trust in and reliance on Him.

These times are often dark and dreary and hard to live through, let alone take joy in. Times of winter teach us to be still and quiet and reflective, just as the season itself does. It is often during these times that our relationship with our Savior deepens.

However, sometimes in the midst of pain we can begin to wonder if Jesus, our Light, has left us. But even as the sun is always present behind the clouds, so the Lord is always present when dark clouds of sorrow and suffering enter our lives.

He is always there; He never leaves us to ourselves.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

-John 1:5

When Your Grey Skies Turn Blue


Then, when our grey skies seem as though they may linger forever, God begins painting our dreary landscape in vibrant color. He chases darkness away so that we might bask the beauty of seeing Him more clearly than ever before.

Spring brings us new joy and fresh perspective and abundant light. It brings us hope. We may carry certain struggles with us until we arrive in Heaven someday, but it is a comfort to know that God will always be near, providing us with His love and light.

When Your Grey Skies Turn Blue

Living in states with four seasons has helped me to more clearly see the beauty of springtime, of darkness giving way to light. Jesus came to clear away the darkness in our hearts and replace it with the Light. What a precious reminder spring is!

I pray that you have a truly blessed Easter, celebrating the resurrection of our Savior and basking in His glorious light!

 Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’

-John 8:12