FREE Savings Goal Tracker | Piggy Bank Printable

I have something fun to share with you guys today! I created an adorable and totally FREE savings goal tracker!

A savings goal tracker is a fantastic motivational tool that will help you to reach your financial goals faster. This one’s a happy little piggy bank for you to fill up!

Here’s how it works:

1. Download Your FREE Savings Goal Tracker

Start by downloading the FREE savings goal tracker in my resource library.

Sign up below to receive the password to the resource library where you can download and print off your copy of the Piggy Bank Savings Goal Tracker!

2. Choose a Savings Goal

Next, you’ll want to choose a savings goal. I could be anything—a debt payoff, your Christmas fund, a new dress, a family vacation, or even the down payment on a house!

3. Write Down the Total Savings Amount

Then, write in the total amount of money you’ll need to save.

(Don’t forget to include tax, if applicable.)

4. Divide by 20

Once you know your total savings amount, divide it by 20, which is the number of coins inside the piggy bank printable.

Here’s a quick example:

Your savings goal is a new camera that costs $500. You divide $500 by 20 and get $25. So each coin in your piggy bank will be worth $25.

5. Fill in Your Savings Goal Tracker

The last step is to track your progress!

Each time you save up the amount of another coin ($25 in our example), color an additional coin in the piggy bank.

That’s it! Easy peasy.

Download Your FREE Savings Goal Tracker

Don’t forget to download your FREE copy of the Piggy Bank Savings Goal Tracker!

You can print off as many of these free savings goal trackers as you’d like! The instructions are also inside the printable.

Using a savings goal tracker is a super simple, yet incredibly motivating way to track your financial goals!

Be sure to put your savings goal tracker in a strategic location—somewhere you’ll see it on a regular basis, such as your fridge, in your planner, or on display in your office.

Being reminded of your goal will motivate you to spend less and save more, which will help you to reach it much faster!

What are you saving for right now?