FREE Decluttering Checklist Kick-start

Decluttering overwhelm is paralyzing! If you don’t know how to start clearing the clutter out of your home, this decluttering checklist is for you!

There are plenty decluttering methods out there, but when you’re feeling overwhelmed, working your way down a checklist is the perfect way to get the ball rolling.

Start with small areas and you will easily gain momentum!

The way I see it, Newton’s first law applies to decluttering, too. An object at rest stays at rest—but an object in motion stays in motion.

Half the battle is simply getting started—which is why I created the Home Declutter Kick-Start. It’s a FREE decluttering checklist that will cut through the overwhelm and move you toward beautifully organized spaces.

The Home Declutter Kick-start is an easy-to-follow decluttering checklist that’s broken up into 6 different rooms—the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, utility room, office, and family room. Each room contains a short list of things for you to declutter—and then check off.

Easy peasy!

Once you make your way through the Home Declutter Kick-start, you’ll have the momentum you need to keep decluttering.

Get yourself moving, so you can STAY moving!

The Home Declutter Kick-start is a totally FREE printable, so go ahead and download your copy below! Plus, by signing up for the decluttering checklist, you’ll also gain access to all of the other freebies in my resource library!


Beat Decluttering Overwhelm

If you’re battling decluttering overwhelm, be sure to check out my last post on how your brain might be holding you back!

Your brain is incredibly powerful. Having a better understanding of how it works can help you along your journey toward having an organized and decluttered home that works for you.

I hope this decluttering checklist helps you on your way to a more streamlined, beautifully organized home!

Which room of the house is the hardest for you to declutter?