Declutter Your Budget Free Guide + Checklist

It’s frustrating when you have no extra money to save toward your dreams and goals! But what if you actually do have the money and just don’t realize it? Download the Declutter Your Budget Guide + Checklist and find where your extra money is hiding!

When you take a few minutes to declutter your budget, you can better align your spending with your priorities—the things you really care about!

Lifestyle creep can keep us from financial milestones we deeply care about, like paying off debt, saving for the down payment on a house, buying a car debt-free, or fully-funding a family vacation!

Where is your money hiding?

Think about how quickly a few subscriptions can add up—magazines, Netflix, meal kit delivery services, phone app subscriptions, and so on. Before you know it, you’re spending hundreds of dollars every month on things you could happily live without.

Effective advertising convinces us that we’ll be happier and more fulfilled by buying more stuff and subscribing to more services. But is that really true?

Now, I’m certainly not trying to convince you that everything you buy or subscribe to should be removed from your budget—far from it! Many of these things add considerable value to our lives.

I am, however, encouraging you to take a step back and reevaluate your spending. Figure out which purchases are adding value to your life, and which ones are just draining your bank account.

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I’ll walk you through a super easy 3-step process that will help you to identify excess spending.

Once you’ve downloaded the 12-page Declutter Your Budget Guide and Checklist, you can print it out and work through each section at your own pace.

The checklist provides you with a list of possible expenses that will help you to identify where your money might be going each month.

Identifying these expenses creates awareness of where your money is going. It also helps you to decide which monthly expenses you want to continue paying for, cut back on, or remove from your budget entirely.

It’s time to cut the clutter out of your budget and start saving for your dreams!