Babymoon on the Oregon CoastEarlier this month, over Labor Day weekend, Benj and I took our babymoon! I’m definitely glad we took it when we did. I was 26 weeks pregnant at the time.

Benj and I both agreed the time away was well spent, and it helped us to gear up for our last trimester and everything we have to accomplish before Jack’s arrival. The coast is such a peaceful place, and it was so nice to abandon our to do lists and home responsibilities for a few days.

God Knew We Needed This

Reflection and thanksgiving are so good for souls that need rest and encouragement. God knew we needed that weekend to rest, to recharge, and to deepen our relationship even further. It was a really special babymoon.

The last time we were down in that area of the Oregon coast was almost 2 years ago, before we were even engaged! We were able to relive so many memories and marvel again and again at how much God has done in our lives since that previous trip.

We knew we wanted to stay fairly close to home, so the Oregon coast seemed like the perfect location.

Let the Babymoon Begin

Benj and I found an amazing deal on a little studio condo just north of Newport, right on Agate Beach. It was just the sweetest place we could have asked for! Each condo at this location is decorated differently, and the special touches in ours were really neat.

The only downside was the firm-as-a-board fold-down Murphy bed. It made every muscle in my poor pregnant back ache until my next chiropractor appointment. We definitely learned our lesson, though, and we’ll definitely look into that ahead of time on our next trip.

We had a lot of frustrating traffic on our way down, but when an amazing sunset view greeted us upon our arrival, any lingering stress just melted away. The ocean was visible from our back window. It was a gorgeous sight to wake up to every morning!

Babymoon on the Oregon Coast Babymoon on the Oregon CoastOur Little Haven

We loved how they’d set up our little dining table, complete with flowers and candles and a prettily set table!

Babymoon on the Oregon Coast

Babymoon on the Oregon Coast

I’m not sure if that pillow secretly had sarcasm attached to it, because that was really not a fun bed to sleep on, but it was still a good reminder every now and then to just relax and enjoy our weekend away. ūüėČ

It’s actually pretty difficult for me to just relax and have fun¬†when my health is causing me to feel poorly (and anything but relaxed, to be honest), but I’ve been working on having joy in the midst of pain. God has been good to help me get through the difficult days with more grace than I’d ever have if I was on my own. And Benj is always such an encouragement to me, too.

Babymoon on the Oregon Coast

I made sure to bring my knitting projects! Knitting has been such a great thing to spend my time doing in the car, especially when I have at least 2-3 doctor or baby related appointments down in Portland every week.

Babymoon on the Oregon Coast

Seafood After Sunset

After we dropped our luggage off, we found a nice local restaurant for dinner called Georgie’s Beachside Grill. The food was phenomenal, and I definitely enjoyed splurging on a little gluten! My goodness, I could eat sourdough bread with heaps of butter all day long.

Babymoon on the Oregon CoastBabymoon on the Oregon Coast Babymoon on the Oregon Coast Babymoon on the Oregon Coast

New England-style clam chowder is a favorite of ours, and this bowl didn’t disappoint! If you’re going to spend time on the coast, you have to indulge in at least some seafood.

Benj and I love ordering a few dishes and sharing them when we go out. We love trying new things together, and we usually end up wanting to order similar dishes anyway, so it works out well.

I could get used to this babymoon stuff.

Babymoon on the Oregon Coast Babymoon on the Oregon Coast Home Again

Back in our little beach condo, Benj made us some tea and we played some Boggle! Word games are definitely my favorite.

Babymoon on the Oregon CoastBabymoon on the Oregon Coast ¬†Babymoon on the Oregon CoastBabymoon on the Oregon CoastAnd of course, we couldn’t leave the candles unlit during our game! Boggle is twice as fun by candlelight.

Babymoon on the Oregon CoastBabymoon on the Oregon CoastOh, I can’t forget our current sweet obsession: Ginger Chews and Gin Gins by The Ginger People! These really pack an awesome ginger punch. You¬†have to try them if you like ginger! I wish I’d known about them during the first trimester. They would have been amazing for queasiness!

Our first evening was definitely a sweet one, as was the rest of our babymoon. I’m so thankful we had the chance to get away for a few days together.