It’s Christmas time, and I’m so excited! Jack just turned 2, so I’ve been thinking more about his stocking this year. I noticed dozens of amazing Dollar Tree toddler stocking stuffer ideas when I was shopping the other day, so today I’m sharing them with you!

I spent $17 on Jack’s stocking stuffers, and he’ll have plenty of wonderful craft items to keep him busy during the cold winter season. If you don’t want a bunch of clutter hanging around indefinitely, stick to more consumable items.

If you want to see exactly which of these things I picked up for Jack, you can watch the video I put together. (I’ll probably go back for Crayola crayons and safety scissors!)

40 Dollar Tree Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I’m listing all of these ideas in the same order that I show them in the video. Hopefully that will make them easier to find if you’re wanting to see something in particular!

1. Colorful Building Blocks (MegaBloks compatible!)

2. Matchbox Cars and Trucks

3. Play-Doh (single container)

4. Modeling Dough (4-pack or 8-pack, generic brand)

5. Crayola Doodle Pad (other brands also available)

6. Crayola Construction Paper

7. Crayola Washable Kids Paint (lots of color options)

8. Crayola White and Colored Chalk

9.  Crayola Dough (single container, lots of color options)

10. Paint Set

11. Sidewalk Chalk (box of 20, 5 colors included)

12. Shopkins Sticker Play Pack

13. Fun Erasers

14. Safety Scissors

15. Giant Sticker Sheets

16. Animal Stencils

17. Flashcards and Game Cards (Disney, Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street, National Geographic, etc.)

18. Board Books

19. Puzzles (all kinds—from wooden to bath shapes)

20. Sticker Sheet Rolls (pack of 1,000)

21. Silly Putty

22. Balls (various shapes, sizes, and colors/ patterns) 

23. Grow Creatures/ Reptiles (add water, and they grow!)

24. Plastic Reptiles and Dinosaurs

25. “My Blox” and “Make-It Blocks” Boxed Building Sets (compatible with Legos!)

26. “My Blox” 48-pc. Assorted Building Blocks (compatible with Legos!)

27. “Make-It Blocks” Base Plates (compatible with Legos!)

28. Wooden Doll House Furniture (chair, bed, table, dresser, desk, and chest of drawers)

29. Plastic Play Fruits and Vegetables (1 bag of each)

30. Crayola and Paw Patrol Bath Bombs

31. Colorful Hair Ties (adorable lollipop packaging)

32. Character Kids’ Toothbrushes (Peppa Pig, Shopkins, Thomas and Friends, Emojis, Hello Kitty, etc.)

33. Crayola Bathtub Finger Paint (comes in 5 colors)

34. Russel Stover’s Chocolate (box of 4)

35. Gingerbread Men and Houses

36. M&M’s Boxes (crispy, original, peanut, peanut butter, etc.)

37. M&M’s Candy Canes

37. Coloring Books (animals, Winnie the Pooh, Disney, Crayola, Paw Patrol, etc.)

38. Crayola Crayons

39. Plastic Putty Knives (for using with Crayola Dough/ Play-Doh!)

40. White Poster Board (for coloring on… doesn’t fit in a stocking, but it’s a fun toddler activity!)

Wrapping it Up (sorry for the pun)

I hope these give you some great ideas for your toddler’s stocking! Dollar Tree is great because you can go a little crazy without spending much at all. ;)

If you have any other Dollar Tree toddler stocking stuffer ideas, leave them down below—I know there are more!

Have fun shopping for your little one—and Merry Christmas!

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