22 Weeks, Pregnancy Update | Jack

from my pregnancy journal…

21 Weeks

This week was pretty calm overall. I had some up and down days health-wise, as usual. Overall, I still think I’m seeing some improvement.

I’ve created a morning routine that seems to be doing me some good. My mornings start like this:

  • splashing warm and then cold water on my face
  • practicing yoga and deep breathing
  • drinking water
  • taking some aloe vera juice
  • having a very light breakfast for starters (raw milk and fruit is my favorite right now!)
  • getting dressed for the day
  • spending some time in the Word and in prayer, plus reading a few pages from “Glimpses of Grace” right now

The whole routine typically takes about an hour and a half, but I have to be diligent not to get distracted by the computer and my phone or it can get somewhat derailed.

On Saturday, we went to a pop-up consignment sale and bought an Aden and Anais swaddle blanket and some sweaters, overalls, and other adorable clothing items for Jack. They were all in beautiful condition and nice quality brands.

We also found an adorable Fisher Price Snugabunny swing in excellent condition for less than half price, so we decided to bring that home as well. The only negative thing is that it’s huge! So, it’s currently sitting squished between one of our couches and our dining room table. I don’t mind, though. Benj and I like to see it and remember we’ll be able to set Jack in there to swing in just about 4 months. Hopefully, he’ll love it!

Everything is still on track for us to move. It will definitely be wonderful to have the extra space for Jack’s things in the two bedroom apartment! We’re starting to collect items we’ll need for him and have already run out of extra storage space. I created a spreadsheet today so that we’ll have a moving plan when the time comes.

Here’s to another smooth week! Hopefully it’s even better, health-wise.


22 Weeks

Today is the last day in this pregnancy week, and I find myself feeling extra thankful for little Jack this morning. I love waking up to his kicks and movement!

Last night, Benj felt him move stronger than he ever had before, and I loved hearing his triumphant laugh and seeing the joy on his face! I had him put his fingers right over where Jack had just kicked my belly button. I was reading Hypnobirthing and resting the corner of the spine there. Jack proceeded to kick right there again. Needless to say, we were both laughing and loving that sweet moment! Benj was over the moon.

I definitely feel Jack growing and moving higher, though he still feels quite low and sits directly on my bladder. I used to think I ran to the bathroom a lot, but this definitely takes the cake. It’s not exactly enjoyable, but he’s totally worth every trip.

I definitely had a couple of rough days at the start of this pregnancy week, but they’ve actually been getting better ever since Saturday! What a blessing to have some relief. Today, I have an appointment with Satya. I’m having acupuncture done again, which will be great.

Tonight, we have our first birth class! The class is 9 weeks long, alternating between classes for couples and classes for only the expecting mothers. I feel slightly intimidated thinking about being in a mixed group setting and discussing birth, but I think it will be a great learning experience.

Growing in size definitely makes me feel a little fat, even though I’m really not. Honestly, the bloating from my digestive issues makes it feel much worse and makes me look bigger.

Benj loves my ever growing belly, though, and is always telling me how cute it is, how beautiful I look, and how much he loves my belly. It’s the sweetest thing, and it really helps me to keep from feeling huge!

I keep trying to weigh myself, but our scale needs AAA batteries, which we don’t have at the moment. When I weighed myself last, I think I weighed 141 pounds, which is 14 pounds higher than when I first found out I was expecting. I’m probably a little heavier than that now, and I’m hoping I don’t gain much in the third trimester.

Pregnancy-wise, I still feel great apart from some occasional lower back pain. I’m so thankful that everything has gone as well as it has thus far. God is good to sustain me in the harder days, and I really can’t ask for anything more!

Praise the Lord for this little life being knitted together in my womb. And speaking of knitting, I’m loving knitting this baby blanket for Jack! Progress is slow, but it’s there and I’m super excited to see it.