13 Weeks, Pregnancy Update | JackI can’t believe that I’m already 13 weeks along and nearing the end of my first trimester! How time flies.

All in all, my first trimester wasn’t too bad. I didn’t have morning sickness that I couldn’t handle, even though my food aversions were the worst! I had an especially hard time with both the smell and taste of meat.

I laugh at myself now, because I always used to think food aversions were something you could control during pregnancy. Talk about humbling!

Fresh air always helped a lot, as did ginger and peppermint flavored things— herbal tea, candy, and essential oils especially. Any time we got out of the house for a walk or to run errands, I’d always feel better.

I’m thankful that everything has been progressing well thus far, and that meeting our little peanut is just about two trimesters away!

13 Weeks

From my pregnancy journal…

I’m 13 weeks and 2 days today! The bump doesn’t look much different, except for the fact that I’m, shall we say, thicker.

I missed last week’s photo due to a rough week health-wise, but I’m super thankful to be feeling more like a human being today, praise the Lord! My health has definitely not been great, but God gives grace and strength to make it through the hard days, even when I feel as though I’m barely making it through.

Benj and I spent the afternoon wandering around Babies-R-Us checking out carriers, strollers and carseats, bouncers, and pretty much everything else. It was definitely a blast, and we’re looking forward to baby’s arrival more and more with each passing day!

We made our first big baby purchase today- not at Babies-R-Us, ironically enough. We purchased a sleep-safe mattress from Secure Beginnings to help give us peace of mind while our little one sleeps.