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The Turn-Key Revolution has changed how business is done, who goes into it, how they do it, and how likely they will survive. Reflect all of your business systems, stated in terms of the results they reach.

For each task, documentation should provide the purpose, steps, and standards for the process and result. Understand that “the true product of the business is the business itself,” and the customer is the franchisee. Businesses in infancy are characterized by the owner and business being synonymous. You dedicate many personal resources to it, but it takes its toll. This stage ends when the owner understands that they can’t run the business this way forever and need help to learn and grow.

revisited by michael

I hope The E-Myth Revisited summary has inspired you to get your copy of the book. For more on how to implement an operating system in your business, check out Traction . For a book on incorporating entrepreneurship into your life, check out The EOS Life . You hire technical help who has experience in your type of business, and it goes well at first.

Your organization chart is a visual diagram or graph depicting your company’s organizational strategy. It helps you objectively see the functions, positions and responsibilities you need in your business so you can create a strategy for how it operates. The right strategy is to help you systematize your own way of operating the business without you holding all of the functions within it. If you routinely struggle with this type of confusion and underperformance among your employees, it’s a sign that the functions of your business are tied topeople, not systems. And with the right strategy, the structure of your business could be positioned to operate without you holding all of the functions within it.

Chapter 9. Working On Your Business, Not In It

It’s easier to run through tasks for a lower, more “technician” type role than it is for the higher ones that involved leading people. There are four common org chart types and each one represents a different way that a company might function. You can use the organizational chart templates below as jumping-off points. To create your custom org chart, start by downloading one of the templates below that best represents your company structure. Then, fill in the labels to fit your unique team needs.

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After all, it’s likely that your company structure and team dynamics will change often. You can treat your organizational chart like any other new project you work on. Defining the scope of your org chart can help ensure it clearly represents your team structure. The scope will determine the overall purpose of your organizational chart. A “Game Worth Playing” provides the purpose, values, and standards to live life well and perform at work.

The entrepreneur wants to satisfy the needs of a niche of customers innovatively, especially when compared to others in the marketplace. Divide up the work according to what the business needs. If that person leaves, you’ll have to start all over with a new chart because you won’t be able to find an identical candidate to replace them.

Want a high-performing team?

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber is one of those books that I’ve heard about for years. I’ve seen it constantly recommended by entrepreneurs I respect, so I was excited when it finally came next on my reading list. This is going to take me a lot longer, but I’ve at least created a document for each one I’ll be starting with. I’ve linked to that document in each bubble of the Org Chart so I can easily go back and forth as needed.


It’s aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners, but it’s also very useful for anyone leading a team. As I complete the work for that role, I’ll start documenting the processes and procedures I go through to get that specific type of work done. In the second scenario, he explains that when they start taking accountability for specific roles, things fall into place. They create a full list of “jobs” and responsibilities for each job. A divisional organizational structure is a high-level version of the traditional hierarchical structure. Divisional structures make sense for companies that have departments working independently from one another.

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I hope it is going well, its hard work but it’s nice when it clicks and makes you smile. That is definitely a case of a positive visualisation of a future event and then breaking it down it to steps. An onboarding type checklist that includes software to download, tools we use, etc. When something goes wrong with the books and they’re $1,000 short – they have no one to blame, because no one was held accountable for any specific thing. Find out how Asana helps teams communicate effectively.

  • To create your custom org chart, start by downloading one of the templates below that best represents your company structure.
  • Never determine what you want your people to do and then try to create a game out of it.
  • You should understand the E-Myth and apply it to start and grow a successful business].
  • He discusses the lifecycle of a business, the underlying processes and systems, and how to apply the lessons of franchising to succeed.

Running a business requires successful execution of these 3 roles. Once I go to hire someone, I can then pass off these process documents to them and they will become responsible for making sure the tasks get done. I’m getting ready to hire my first employee/partner/person in early 2018, so this chapter really opened my eyes. He goes on to share an example of two friends who go into business together.

An organizational chart, also known as an organogram, is a diagram that outlines your team structure and shows the reporting relationships between team roles. The organizational chart is a one-dimensional document, so it doesn’t offer much explanation beyond the reporting structure it provides. While it’s useful in visualizing the basic company structure, it only shows formal relationships. Many companies function and thrive on various informal reporting relationships that wouldn’t show up on a traditional org chart.

Chapter 6. Maturity And The Entrepreneurial Perspective

An organizational chart is a way to visualize your company’s structure. To create an org chart, you’ll need to gather team member information and decide how you’d like to build the chart. Ensure that every position on the chart reports to one manager. Giving two or more managers the power to direct the activities of one employee is an invitation for miscommunication and chaos.

You’ll need up-to-date information about the multiple streams of income in your company, including their latest job titles. You’ll also need to understand reporting relationships throughout your company. Consider gathering headshots of your team for added personalization. In this guide, we’ll explain how to make an org chart, the different types of organizational charts, and provide free templates so you can customize and build your own. Your org chart is a critical tool for managing business functions and activities throughout your entire company. Our guide—complete with a sample chart and template—will help you get started.

How to make an organizational chart

People switch in and out of positions and reporting relationships may also change. With a digital org chart, it’s easy to update the structure and redistribute it to team members. Deciding how to build your organizational chart is crucial because different tools can make the process easier. Drawing out your org chart by hand isn’t time efficient and will make your results hard to share, so consider harnessing the power of a tool for this process.


While there are limitations to organizational charts, these charts offer a helpful way to understand your company structure. It can also improve communication with upper management by clarifying roles and responsibilities. To build an organizational chart for your company, use our free editable PDFs and customize them as you see fit. Giving two or more managers the power to direct the activities of one employee is an invitation to miscommunication and chaos.

  • The system requires setting an appointment, conducting a needs analysis, and providing a solution to the customer.
  • The hierarchy extends further into departments and eventually branches into teams.
  • This article is part of a series of learnings I’ve had from reading “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber.

“The business is a place where everything we know how to do is tested by what we don’t know how to do, and that the conflict between the two” creates growth and meaning. You should manage by creating and executing work in an Operations Manual. Within it, each role should have checklists to itemize the steps that your employees need to do their work, hold them accountable, and standards for performance. For more regarding checklists, check out The Checklist Manifesto . In the E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber states to set appropriate standards to help your people be more productive and deliver consistently.

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If your business is dependent on you, it’s going to fail. But Gerber points out that being a Technician gets you part of the way to a successful business. Where most people run into trouble is they spend a disproportionate time in one role, and neglect the others. Building a successful business is more than just having the technical skills, as you’ll soon see below. Similar to Crossing The Chasm, the book gives you tools to get unstuck and break through plateaus in your business.

The flat organizational chart is unique because it shows few or no levels of management. This type of organizational structure may be present in a small business or a modern business that’s experimenting with no chain of command. While organizational charts can increase communication among teams, there are limitations of using them. Knowing these limitations can help you find solutions to any potential issues before they occur. With this type of organizational structure, the company promotes wide-spread team member self-management and decision-making.

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