Journey to a Debt-Free Home — Part 1

The 3 steps in our big-picture plan…

Make Budgeting Fun!


10 Tips That Will Change the Way You Budget

Fondue for Two


Create a Romantic Date Night In!

Journey to a Debt-Free Home | The Why (part 2)

Along with the questions of how we're planning to own our home free and clear, Benj and I have also received questions about why we're taking this path. So today, I'll be sharing our reasons for pursuing debt-free home ownership. If you didn't have a chance to read...

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Journey to a Debt-Free Home | The Plan (part 1)

My husband and I have a dream to own our first home completely debt free! It’s a dream that we’re currently working hard to turn into a reality. Our dream of debt-free home ownership was born a couple of years ago, and has continued to take shape over time. I know...

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Virgin Bloody Mary Drinks | 5 Minute Recipe

Concocting Virgin Bloody Mary drinks will forever remind me of summer. Before Benj and I got married, I worked in my parents' homeschool book business. Summertime was our crazy busy season because moms were buying books for the next school year. We worked extended...

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5 Postpartum Recovery Must-Haves for New Mamas

Like every birth, each new mom's postpartum recovery is unique. We write birth plans and imagine our dream births. We research diligently and do our best to prepare for baby's arrival. But in the end, we can never be quite sure of the turns our labor will take. I went...

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Fondue Night for Two | Romantic Date Night In

Oh, fondue night! You're my favorite. Before Jack was born, Benj and I really didn't schedule regular date nights. Instead, we just did pretty much everything together! Since the beginning of our relationship, simply being with one another- no matter what we were...

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Father’s Day Gifts Under $30 (that Dad will love)

Father's Day is just around the corner, and it has plenty of people stumped as they're trying to think of great Father's Day gift ideas. Why are dads so difficult to shop for? Maybe it's because they're so practical. Or maybe it's because they don't casually drop...

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Salsa Fresca | A Recipe for Summertime

Once upon a time I lived in Florida. Our house was a mere 12 minutes from the beach, and it was glorious! This particular beach had a great farmer's market that would open up on weekends. Shopping for fresh produce with a view of the ocean is about as idyllic as it...

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