Journey to a Debt-Free Home — Part 1

The 3 steps in our big-picture plan…

Make Budgeting Fun!


10 Tips That Will Change the Way You Budget

Fondue for Two


Create a Romantic Date Night In!

3 DIY Spring Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser

Today is the first day of Spring! It's been a long winter here in the Pacific Northwest, and I am so ready for blue skies and warm sunshine. One of my favorite ways to bring the season inside, is to make it smell like spring. So today, I'm excited to share 3 of my...

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7 Christian Songs to Get You Through the Hard Times

Today, I received news from my doctor that left me feeling defeated and deflated. Some new test results showed that I have yet another health issue that needs to be taken care of—something else to add to a long list. I had just recently started feeling like I was...

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13 Free Ways to Show Your Husband How Much You Love Him

The days leading up to Valentine's Day hold an extra special place in my heart. Why? Because my husband and I got engaged on February 12th! I remember the moment he proposed like it was yesterday. Benj and I lived over 2,500 miles apart, so we didn't get to see each...

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11 Money-Saving Laundry Room Essentials

These days, I have a newly-walking toddler who loves to help me on laundry day. When he's not confiscating my wool dryer balls or pulling wet clothes out of the dryer, you'll probably find him dragging hand towels through the apartment or spreading clean clothes...

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Laundry Room Organization on a Budget

Staring at a cluttered—or empty—laundry room can feel overwhelming. It's difficult to know how to make the best use of the space staring back at you. But simple laundry room organization can make all the difference in the world, especially in small spaces! Growing up,...

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