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15 Purchases That Save You Money

Have you ever bought something that turned out to be a total waste of money and left you questioning your life choices? Yeah, me too. But when you make smart purchases that save you money in the long run, you feel like a total boss! I love buying products that...

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A Letter of Encouragement for Chronic Illness

This letter of encouragement for chronic illness is a little different than what I usually write about, but as someone who has struggled with a mysterious, debilitating illness for over five years, I can relate to many of the struggles others like me face on a daily...

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Kids Fly FREE Travel Hack!

I just discovered an amazing travel hack for flying with kids! I had never heard of any airline that had a kids fly free program until just a few days ago. It's kind of blowing my mind, actually. My son Jack recently turned two, and as any traveling parent knows, that...

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Trim Your Baby’s Nails the No-Drama Way!

It's scary to trim your baby's nails for the first time! Newborns love to keep their hands up by their face, so if you don't trim their nails regularly, they can easily scratch themselves. It doesn't help that babies' nails grow at an alarmingly fast pace! Before I...

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7 Frugal Habits That Have Saved Us Thousands of Dollars!

Our smallest habits are largely responsible for our greatest successes. I've found this to be true in so many areas of life—from marriage and spiritual growth, to health and money. So today I want to share some simple frugal habits that have made a huge impact on our...

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I’m Lauren— a wife, mama, and dark chocolate lover learning to create a beautiful life on a budget! My heart is to live a full, intentional life characterized by love and grace…

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