Whimsical Baby Shower Decor for a Little GirlCan you imagine praying for a baby for 10 years? We have friends who did! After waiting that long, the Lord answered their prayers with a baby girl: sweet Talia Annabeth. The ladies in our church threw her a baby shower, and I took on the fun task of creating whimsical baby shower decor!

Everyone was excited to celebrate this amazing time, and the baby shower was so much fun!

Whimsical Baby Shower Decor

At first, it was difficult for me to decide on a theme. I knew that I wanted the decor for Talia’s shower to be special. After all, everyone had been waiting a such a long time to meet this baby girl!

I started brainstorming different color scheme and theme ideas. The options seemed endless!

After deliberating for a few days, I settled on bright, whimsical baby shower decor. It seemed to fit the celebratory mood so well.

The main colors Talia’s mother had picked for her nursery were lavender and grey, with accents of teal, coral, and light yellow.

Whimsical Baby Shower Decor for a Little Girl Whimsical Baby Shower Decor for a Little Girl Whimsical Baby Shower Decor for a Little GirlThis post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure policy here. Some links below will take you to Amazon, where you’ll find more details and current pricing.

Tissue Paper Flowers and Pom Poms

I wanted to feature all of Talia’s colors, and what better way to do that than tissue paper flowers and pom poms!

I had lots of fun making these, and you can find all kinds of photo and video tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube. Tissue paper flowers and pom poms are actually very easy to make.

There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. However, if you’re wanting to make as many as I did, it can be somewhat time consuming.

Thankfully, I had plenty of willing hands to help, and it made the whole process go much more quickly. If you do need to make lots of flowers and pom poms, invite a few friends over for a baby shower prep party!

Whimsical Baby Shower Decor for a Little GirlTo get the cascading look, I simply strung the pom poms together with fishing line, tying knots to the centers of the flowers and pom poms.

When making the flowers and pom poms, you use fishing line to hold them together. I recommend tying an extra 2 feet of fishing line to the center of each flower and pom pom (onto the fishing line you’ve already tied).

Do this before you fan them out! That way, they’re much easier to tie together once your flowers and pom poms are fluffed up.

Whimsical Baby Shower Decor for a Little Girl

A Whimsical Name Bunting

Talia’s name bunting came from the dollar section at Target. It only cost $3 for each banner!

I had considered creating a bunting from scratch, but that would have been much more work. Thankfully, this idea turned out really well and saved me lots of time.

My talented sister-in-law, Chelsea, hand lettered “Talia Annabeth” on the felt sections for me, and it looked adorable! I had her use a white waterproof chalk marker, which added a soft, sweet look to the fun colors.

Pulling the Look Together

In addition to the large tissue paper flowers, we made various sizes of small and miniature flowers.

We tucked the flowers here and there, and placed some on the countertop and tables to help tie the whole look together.

Paper lanterns were another fun touch I picked out! They gave more interest and texture to Talia’s whimsical baby shower decor.

I purchased these paper lanterns for a great price on Amazon. They’re very pretty and only took a few seconds to assemble!

Tissue Paper

The tissue paper I used came from two different places. The soft yellow and white came from Dollar Tree, and the lavendertealcoral, and grey came from Amazon.

I was especially happy with the colors I purchased from Amazon. The coral and grey were definitely my favorites!

In the end, I learned that the nicer the tissue paper, the prettier the flowers and pom poms. Better quality tissue is easier to work with and lends itself to a nicer finished product.

Advice for the New Mommy

This part didn’t quite go as planned. I designed these cute, whimsical baby shower advice cards, but wasn’t able to get them printed out in time.

It was disappointing because I just loved the way they turned out!

Although I wasn’t able to use them myself, I’d love it if you were able to use them at your baby shower!

There is a free download available if you would like to use my “Advice for the New Mommy” cards. Just click here or on the image below to download it for free!

As a backup plan, my mother-in-law brought out a giant collection of brightly colored gel pens and some blank notecards. We also added in a chalkboard sign to let guests know what the blank cards and gel pens were for.

Even though Plan B was an unexpected twist, it fit really well with our whimsical baby shower theme.

Refreshments to Match the Decor

The food for Talia’s whimsical baby shower was just as fun and colorful as the decor! Several ladies helped out by bringing refreshments, which was a huge blessing.

But let’s start out with these adorable paper straws, shall we? I found them in the Target dollar section, and it was love at first sight!

The colors matched our whimsical baby shower theme perfectly, and they cost just $1 per pack. We arranged them in a mason jar with a lavender ribbon and placed them in between the drink dispensers.

Water with sliced oranges made for a simple yet refreshing and vibrant beverage.

We arranged all of the food on this big island, and set lavender paper plates and napkins around. My sister-in-law, Aimee, decorated this gorgeous cupcake dress! She did such a beautiful job. I love the touches of candy pearls and the lavender ribbon!

These mini raspberry cheesecake cups were delicious, and added such a fun pop of color!

Putting sliced veggies into a cup with dressing at the bottom is a really nice way to enjoy fresh vegetables.

It’s never fun to balance a plate of party food with ranch dressing sliding into your cake! These veggie cups held cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, celery, and sweet peas.

Fresh fruit is a favorite of mine at showers! It’s nice to break up the rich party food with some palate-cleansing fruit.

Don’t you just love these adorable birds’ nests? They definitely hit the whimsical note!

Whimsical Baby Shower Decor Cost Breakdown

I was able to pull off the whimsical baby shower decor on a fairly small budget. The church gave me $35 to work with, but I decided to exceed that amount and cover the difference as part of my shower gift. Here’s a cost breakdown for you:

  • $33.22 – tissue paper (Amazon and Dollar Tree)
  • $  7.50 – paper lanterns (10 pack, Amazon)
  • $  6.00 – name bunting (2 banners, Target)
  • $  2.00 – paper straws (2 packs, Target)
  • $48.72 – TOTAL

Target, Dollar Tree, and Amazon made staying within my budget possible.

Most of the money went toward tissue paper, and I ended up having some tissue left over for future projects and gift wrapping.

The actual cost of the supplies I bought was likely $10 less because of the extra tissue paper that was left over. If you were using fewer tissue paper colors, you would end up spending less money.

Supplies we had on hand:

  • fishing line
  • chalk markers
  • chalkboard sign
  • mason jar

It made me happy that Talia’s mama took her name bunting and some of the cascading flowers and paper lanterns home to adorn her room.

A few of the guests also took home some paper flowers and pom poms to enjoy, which was great!

Everyone had a really fun time celebrating at Talia’s shower! That baby is quite the sweet, chubby little beauty, and well worth waiting for.

If you have any questions for me, leave them down below in the comments section!

And now I have a question for you: What color tissue paper was your favorite?!

Whimsical Baby Shower Decor | Inspiration, Ideas and a FREE Printable!

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