Journey to a Debt-Free Home — Part 1

The 3 steps in our big-picture plan…

Make Budgeting Fun!


10 Tips That Will Change the Way You Budget

Fondue for Two


Create a Romantic Date Night In!

Fondue Night for Two | Romantic Date Night In

Oh, fondue night! You're my favorite. Before Jack was born, Benj and I really didn't schedule regular date nights. Instead, we just did pretty much everything together! Since the beginning of our relationship, simply being with one another- no matter what we were...

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Father’s Day Gifts Under $30 (that Dad will love)

Father's Day is just around the corner, and it has plenty of people stumped as they try to think of a great gift for Dad. Why are dads so difficult to shop for? Maybe it's because they're so practical. Or maybe it's because they don't casually drop hints about what...

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Salsa Fresca | A Recipe for Summertime

Once upon a time I lived in Florida. Our house was a mere 12 minutes from the beach, and it was glorious! This particular beach had a great farmer's market that would open up on weekends. Shopping for fresh produce with a view of the ocean is about as idyllic as it...

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25 Free and Fun Summer Date Ideas

Summertime is the perfect time to try new things, to get outside, and to go adventuring! It's also the perfect time to save money on dating. There are so many fun things you can do without having to spend a penny! My husband and I began married life on the last day of...

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50 Unique and Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Let's be honest: we owe our moms an awful lot. By the time we were finally able to thank our moms for loving us the way they do, they'd already been taking care of us for years! Mother's Day is totally appropriate, considering. The truth is, we could never thank our...

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Dollar Tree Spring Decor | 4 Easy and Elegant DIY Projects

If you're looking for quick and easy DIY Dollar Tree spring decor projects, this is the post for you! I love creating home decor from Dollar Tree. It allows me to change up my seasonal decorations without having to put out much money. My favorite part of the process...

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5 Minute Dollar Tree DIY | $4 Outdoor Tea Light Planter

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to spend time out on your back porch relaxing in the evenings. Even though we live in an apartment with a tiny patio, we still enjoy making use of it when the weather's nice. That's where this 5 minute Dollar Tree DIY comes...

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$4 Dollar Tree Easter DIY | Mini Egg Floral Arrangements

Easter decor at Dollar Tree mostly consists of cutesy designs and glittery colors. I realize that many people enjoy decorating that way (more power to you!), but it's just not my style. That's why I created this super simple Dollar Tree Easter DIY! I've never had any...

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