Easy DIY Dollar Tree Outdoor Tea Light PlanterSpring and summer are the perfect seasons to spend time out on your back porch relaxing in the evenings. Even though we live in an apartment with a tiny patio, we still enjoy making use of it when the weather’s nice.

Right now, it’s rather hard to relax on our back porch. The stillness is disturbed by the beeping, hammering, and clattering that construction brings. There are tall apartment buildings going up directly behind ours, which kind of kills the peace and quiet. The workers start early and don’t head home until late.

Even so, it’s nice to enjoy the fresh air. And we have a clear view of the western sky, so pretty sunsets are easy to come by. Add in some flickering candles, a delicious beverage, and a good book, and you have one relaxing evening on your hands.

I created this tea light planter to use outdoors, but you could really enjoy it either outside or inside. It’s clean-looking and versatile. Plus, it costs less than $3.50 to make!

I’m not even sure that it took me a whole 5 minutes to put together, so it’s possibly the easiest DIY I’ve ever made! ahhh… I love it when a project comes together.

Outdoor Tea Light Planter Supplies

For this project, you will need the following supplies from the Dollar Tree:

  • 1 clear plastic planter
  • 2 bags white rocks
  • 6 white tea lights (they come in 16-count packages)

How To

Step 1 – Fill your planter bowl with the bags of white rocks.

Step 2 – Using your fingers, create miniature craters in each spot you plan to place a tea light. Nestle each tea light into the little hole you’ve create until they are flat and low enough in the rocks.

Step 3 – Light your candles and enjoy!

If you’re interested in the photo tutorial on how to put together the arrangements in the background, click here. They cost only $4 each to make!